Watching the planes approach Heathrow

At dusk they lie on recliners in her tiny patch of outside space, drinking mai tais and watching planes approach Heathrow. Jim’s got one of those apps that tell him where they’re coming from and what type of plane they are, and he calls them out to Lizzie – a fat 380 from Doha, a Dreamliner from Dallas, a 350 from Jo’burg. Lizzie imagines the … Continue reading Watching the planes approach Heathrow

Call for Submissions!

We are now open for submissions to our brand new online literary magazine. We’ve designed the site and got everything ready. Now all we need is your stories, and lots of them! In terms of subjects, we’re interested in contemporary fiction: stories that could happen to real people in real settings, set in a time and place that people alive today can easily relate to. … Continue reading Call for Submissions!