Bangs vs Mullets

Brad walked the three blocks from his apartment to Strikes and Pints with nothing to keep him company besides the sound of his defeated footsteps landing on the sidewalk. He had discovered the bowling alley dive bar in college and, now that he’s practically a regular there, he couldn’t think of a better place to find solace tonight. He paused at the final crosswalk, waiting … Continue reading Bangs vs Mullets

Time Will Tell

This was it, the big day. After fourteen months, three weeks and five days, Ellen was finally going to meet SilverSurfer84 or, Stephen Nicolson as she knew him. When they first connected on the Doctor Who forum, ‘Time Will Tell’, the previous year, Ellen would never have imagined she’d meet someone as kind, as funny or as handsome (or certainly as his pictures suggested). They … Continue reading Time Will Tell