The Woman Who Killed Three People

Another one, then another one, then another passed before him all offering him their condolences saying the same old repetitive redundant ridiculous things, that all boiled down to “your mother was such a nice person.” Most were friends, relatives, neighbors, but the woman before him now he did not know. He didn’t catch her last name because she said it so fast but he was … Continue reading The Woman Who Killed Three People

Bangs vs Mullets

Brad walked the three blocks from his apartment to Strikes and Pints with nothing to keep him company besides the sound of his defeated footsteps landing on the sidewalk. He had discovered the bowling alley dive bar in college and, now that he’s practically a regular there, he couldn’t think of a better place to find solace tonight. He paused at the final crosswalk, waiting … Continue reading Bangs vs Mullets

Fruit Tarts and Muffins

‘Come on, be serious! You can’t like everyone; no one does. It’s unnatural.’ Trish argued as she closed the fridge door, arms filled with carrots, beef, flour. She grabbed an onion and some garlic and started peeling. ‘There is good in everyone. You just have to look for it.’ Christian insisted. ‘I don’t buy it. People are mean out there; half of them are psychos. … Continue reading Fruit Tarts and Muffins

For Proust it was Tea-Soaked Madeleines

Lilacs. It was lilacs. A whole half-day had gone by until I knew. Half a day while my subconscious had worked, opening memory boxes, figuring out what had been so evocative. That morning I’d passed a woman in the icy-cold train station. Both of us fast walking in opposite directions: to different platforms, different destinations. A tall curvy blonde in turquoise swing coat and tan … Continue reading For Proust it was Tea-Soaked Madeleines